Today a dear friend shared a post condemning those being silent on social media. This cherished brother epitomizes the person I would hate to further offend by anything I said. I also doubt I have anything to say that you haven’t already heard. But if my silence makes him feel worse then I will absolutely speak.

What I know:

  • If police officers who murder civilians (or stand by and watch) are not prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, we will not be able to differentiate between safe and unsafe. Even the majority of Police officers who have integrity and truly live out equality will understandably be feared and become ineffective in serving society.
  • Looting is costly to communities and individuals of all demographics. Business owners large and small are currently limping through economic upheaval. This damage will further cripple struggling families regardless of demographic. In other words, I stand with Killer Mike.
  • I cannot watch the video of George Floyd’s death. It feels simultaneously like too much and too little. Too terrible to see and too little I can do. I’m not saying this is good, I’m just telling you what I feel.

I am willing to stand up for what is right. I’m not afraid of being ostracized or called out by those who disagree with me. But I feel extremely ill-equipped. I’m a privileged white woman who was raised in the deep south. I didn’t know I had racial bias until someone told me there’s no way I could have escaped the effect of cultural atrocities ingrained in our country’s existence. I cannot change this reality anymore than I can change my place of origin. This oft-hidden bias is catastrophic to my heart and soul. It must be sought out and consistently battled. I need forgiveness and I want to do more.

Finally, I know Jesus died for the brokenness of this world and what happened to George Floyd is very very very broken. I grieve with my Savior over this unbelievable disregard for humanity.