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Searching for Truth in Trauma

Hello! I’m Leah

A Counselor in Training

A bio usually includes a list of degrees, years of service and other valuable ways to measure qualifications. The development of this website finds me just getting started on all of those things. I do however, have some experience. Since childhood I have had the formidable desire to step into the emotions of others. I run toward those who are hurting when some would run away. My husband and I were in full-time ministry for fifteen years and I served on a church staff for two years. More recently, three years working at Covenant College was a turning point. While administrative in description my job evolved into discipleship. Days filled with conversations sharing life with students renewed a calling in me that had previously lain dormant. Now, I’m working toward a degree that will help open doors in order to merge this area of personal giftedness and occupation.

Layers of Counseling 



Biblical Truth

A Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling ingrained in me the necessity of applying Biblical truth to the difficulties in life. We are broken sinful people and sin is inevitable and ever present in all of our hearts. God is faithful to preserve His people and provide comfort in the midst of devastating brokenness.

Scientific Fact

Just as God created stars and human form that gave astronomers the calendar and physicians understanding of anatomy, so did he allow facts around our mind and behavior to have consistencies that provide sustainable patterns. It is helpful to hypothesize, test and learn more about these patterns of behavior.


Life Experience

Events in life can stick with us and adjust our perspective on all other aspects of life. Some events are tragic and cause suffering that must be revisited. Often times, for true healing to take place, we need a third party to step into our suffering with us and provide a different perspective.


Meet Jay

Meet Jay

Jay Finlayson may be the most respectful individual I have ever met. He started calling me Mrs. Jones as a Covenant student and continues to do so as a post grad North Florida farmer and appraiser in training. He is the epitome of chivalry and respect. Jay's a...

Learning to Love Dandelions

Learning to Love Dandelions

In the summer of 2014 a lunch meeting with a local chaplain led my husband to check out the Covenant College job board. He emailed me the specifics of an admin job that seemed to fit my skill set. Through my time as Administrative Assistant to the Chaplain at Covenant...

Meet Megan

Meet Megan

Often times we focus so intently on one thing so that we can completely ignore other things. Recently, my friend Megan stepped into surrender and let go of that one thing in order to acknowledge all the rest. Her bravery, her belief that Jesus will continue to be as...

Augustine’s Double Knowledge

Augustine’s Double Knowledge

"Lord, let me know myself; let me know You." When Pastor Corby quoted this line of Augustine's prayer in church I was a tiny bit unsettled. Praying these two thoughts as though they should be equally sought necessitates a desire to know myself uncomfortably well. I am...

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